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What we do?

Armstrong Publications is a technical publishing startup focusing on emerging open source technologies, tools and services bringing key innovations in the IT. Our aim is to make the first step towards a new technology area and be a pioneer in the market who will provide a high quality literature to support further development of the technology. Our books will be based on case studies where the technology is applied in the real world setting, and written by renowned members of the community. Our goal is to pay a lot of attention to details. In that light, the publications we are currently working on will pass a number of reviews in all development stages – from proposal to the press-ready chapters. We are incorporated in 2014 in USA.

Easily available

You’ll be able to buy our books directly from our site or on

Strong structure

Our books will be engineered to provide strong knowledge base to the readers

Reader friendly

High quality books on relevant topics will help you master the topic in no time

First on the market

First on the market offering titles on relevant emerging technologies

Write for us!

We are looking for authors who are experts in their fields and have rich experience with the technology. We are seeking for responsible collaborators, ready to actively participate in development of our common project and meet the set deadlines in mutual interest.